Skadad respektive störd zon vid tunneldrivning med olika teknik, slutsatser från ZEDEX-projektet

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Sammanfattning / Summary
The ZEDEX (Zone of Excavation Disturbance EXperiment) project was
undertaken at SKB's underground research facility, the Äspö Hard Rock
Laboratory (HRL), Sweden, between April 1994 and July 1996. The project was
undertaken in two phases with the first experimental phase being completed in 1995 and reported by Olsson et al. (1996). A second phase was undertaken with the experimental acquisition work performed between January and July 1996. The results and analyses from the second phase were integrated with those from the first phase. The result from both phases of the project are presented here. The ZEDEX project was undertaken as a joint project by ANDRA, UK Nirex and SKB with significant contributions from BMBF and Nagra. The objectives of the project were to understand the mechanical behaviour of the Excavation Disturbed Zone (EDZ) with respect to its origin, character, magnitude of property change, extent and its dependence on excavation method. Supporting studies to increase understanding of the hydraulic significance of the EDZ and to test equipment and methodology for quantifying the EDZ were also performed. The rationale for undertaking this project is that it is considered that the properties of the disturbed zone, that develop around excavations created by the construction of a repository, may affect the efficiency and effectiveness of plugs placed to seal underground openings and provide enhanced hydraulic conductivities which may negatively affect repository performance. DAMAGE AND DISTURBANCE FROM TUNNEL EXCA V ATION BY DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES, CONCLUSIONS FROM THE ZEDEX PROJECT

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