RV 13 Ryfast, world's longest subsea road tunnel combined with E 39 - Eiganes Tunnel

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Rv. 13 – Ryfast
The Rv. 13 Ryfast project is the undersea tunnels which will connect the city of
Stavanger to the region of Ryfylke, when completed the tunnels will replace the
existing vehicle ferries which operate between Stavanger and Tau, and between Lauvvik and Oanes. Currently the combined daily traffic volume for both ferry routes is 4000 vehicles (AADT). Ryfast consists of two dual tube subsea tunnels, The Hundvåg tunnel, from the new E39 Eiganes tunnel to the Island of Hundvåg, and the Solbakk tunnel, which extends from the Hundvåg tunnel to Strand in Ryfylke. Construction time will be 5.5 – 6 years with expected opening in 2019. E 39 – Eiganes Tunnel Today’s E39 bottlenecks in Stavanger, with traffic routed along heavily congested local streets. The E39 Eiganes tunnel will be the new ”North / South” trunk route through Stavanger, extending the existing motorway beyond the Stavanger central business district, and significantly reducing local traffic above. The primary route for the project is 5 km long, comprised of dual tunnels 3.7 km long, and 1.3 km of ground level, two lane dual carriageway. In addition to the primary North and South Bound tunnels, the project will also include tunnelled on and off ramps, and the connection to the Ryfast Hundvåg tunnels. As a result of geometric constraints, and the existing topography a significant portion of the Eiganes tunnel will have 15-25 m of rock cover to the surface. As the south western connection to the Ryfast project, theE39 Eiganes tunnel will be constructed and managed jointly with the Ryfast project. Together the Ryfast and Eiganes tunnel projects will produce 3.8 million m3 of rock, and finding a suitable use for this material has been a challenge, the solution has been to utilise this material for land reclamation at a number of sites adjacent to the project.

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