Projekterings-strategi för Sveriges planerade kärnbränsleförvar

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Sammanfattning / Summary
The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) have carried
out site investigations, preliminary design and assessments of both environmental
impact and long term safety at two sites in Sweden. The design strategy was
steered by requirements related to nuclear safety and radiation protection, environmental impact, workers safety and industrial welfare and quality, flexibility and cost efficiency. It was also devised that the geoscientific results from the site investigations together with other nearby underground experiences was the prime input for the design tasks. This paper presents the process of establishing the site adaptation of a repository based on prescribed requirements and site conditions. This includes selection of repository depth, tunnel locations and alignments due to local site conditions. The technical evaluation included layout and layout efficiency, constructability, rock mechanic considerations including preliminary rock support and evaluation of grouting needs to meet inflow requirements. A hazard assessment was carried out, primarily focusing on the uncertainties in the site model. Examples are given from the two sites. Some design key aspects for the site selection will be presented, as well as the future plan for development of the repository at the chosen site. Design strategy for a Final Respository for spent fuel in Sweden

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