Loader Automation - Proven Technology

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Sandvik has started the research of the autonomous mining methods already back
in the 1980’s and the first customer application for automated loaders was commissioned
2004 in the Codelco El Teniente Pipa Norte mine. In very short time Sandvik has proven that the technologies behind the AutoMine® system really works in the mine environment and today there are AutoMine® and AutoMine-Lite™ systems working in five continents Currently all major loader manufacturers have some automation capabilities available for at least some loader applications. The trend at the moment is develop semi-autonomous loader automation systems, where most of the cycle is done autonomously but operator still operates part of the cycle via tele-remote controls. This article is focusing on Sandvik’s loader automation and especially into the new generation of single loader automation in the offering. In this presentation the system and the development path is described in brief and first customer projects are introduced to the reader

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