Data-driven control of compensation grouting measures

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Compensation grouting measures are being used to assure that buildings situated close to the construction site are not affected by consolidations because of tunneling works. From shafts several horizontal boreholes are being drilled as preparation for the actual buildings and tunnels. Via a tube-a-manchette system a cement suspension is being grouted to achieve a form of pre-consolidation. If due to construction activities, such as tunneling, a settlement or consolidation occurs, heaving grouting can be used to react. To ensure that no damage occurs, sensitive infrastructure is constantly monitored through a real-time gauge system and the data is being transmitted to a data management system. This system monitors the complete construction site and triggers several measures. If a specific settlement or heaving level has been reached, the system notifies the users about the reach of a pre-defined alarming level. Moreover, it automatically generates a grouting strategy proposal based on the monitored data and situation. Therefore, the system not only checks specific data from single measurements, but all relevant and available data on the construction site. The grouting strategy proposal is reviewed by the involved stakeholders like site manager or geotechnical engineers and then send directly to the grouting plant. The operator selects the specific grouting point and starts the automated grouting process. The grouting data is automatically uploaded to the data management system, where it is analyzed in terms of data integrity and quality. Each grouting process is recorded, transmitted and visualized in real time. Every project stakeholder (client, contractor and designer) can access not only the construction data but also the gauge measurements at any time via web platform, thus creating a novel, automized method for grouting

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