Channel Tunnel Rail Link - Project Update

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Sammanfattning / Summary
Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) is the UK's first major new railway for over a
century - a high speed line running for 109 km between St Pancras and the
Channel Tunnel. The CTRL is being constructed in two phased sections.
Section 1 runs from the Channel Tunnel and links into the existing rail network at Fawkham Junction in north Kent and today all civil works are complete. Section 2, which brings the new line into London's St Pancras Station is well underway, and the London Tunnels (C220, C240 and C250) have, by the launch of all six Earth Pressure Balanced TBMs, reached and passed an important key milestone. This paper will described some of the most important technical aspects of the construction of the London Tunnels, such as the tunnel segments, the tunnel eyes and the settlement control required to ensure a safe operation of live railways adjacent to the CTRL Tunnels. In addition to this the outline and operation of the Team 200 Alliance will be discussed. A current progress report will conclude the paper.

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